Even though the seasons are changing, we are lucky to still have a few sunny days. Now is the time to take advantage of these days and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Claire Bowen, from Shower to Shower, says that studies indicate that spending time in nature has many health and wellness benefits.

If you’re the outdoorsy type and looking for something new to try, here are three activities to consider the next time you venture out.


Whether you’re hiking in the hills of Magaliesberg or exploring the peaks of Table Mountain, you’ll more than likely come across sections of trail that require you to scramble.

Scrambling is more technical than hillwalking and is described as the middle ground between hiking and rock climbing.

The rules include properly researching your route, using the right footwear, taking it slow and testing your hand and footholds before clambering on.

A via ferrata

This activity, which is somewhere between scrambling and rock climbing, is for the more adventurous.

Climbers secure themselves to these fixtures using a harness with two leashes, allowing them to safely navigate the route and minimise the risk of falling.

A via ferrata is South Africa’s most adventurous new outdoor activity and is available in several spots around the country.

Foraging is the latest trend in nature-based activities.

Not only is it time outdoors, but as an added bonus, you’re getting exercise whilst you gather food items.

Simply put, foraging is the gathering of wild food – for free.